Organizational Structure of Bamboo Development Agency (BDA)

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The particulars of its organization, function and duties:

The Agency is headed by the General Body under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary to the Government of Mizoram. The General Body exercised or performed general management, policy making, administration and control of the Agency subject to such limitations as the State Government may impose by directions from time to time. The Executive Committee on delegation exercised or performed all duties, powers, functions and rights whatsoever or consequential to the carrying out of the objectives of the Agency subject to such limitations as the General Body in consultation with the State Government may impose from time to time. Present members of the General Body click here Present members of the Executive committee click here.

Present organization set up of the Agency:

Officer on Ex-officio capacity:

Shri. J.Hmingthanmawia, MCS, Executive Director (Director of Commerce and Industries, Govt. of Mizoram): He is the Administrative head of the Agency. Responsible for approval of all administrative, financial, statutory and other matters as per power conferred by the Government/General Body/Executive Committee from time to time.

Earlier the General Manager of BDA was deputed from the State Government. Presently, as there is no officer deputed from the Government for General Manager of BDA, Shri. Lalzarliana Hrahsel, Project Manager takes charge of the General Manager of the Agency in addition to his own duties without financial benefit.