Citizen's Charter


Our Vision

  • Bamboo represents a vast untapped major resource of Mizoram State whose full ecological and economic potentials remain underutilized; it needs to be recognized, developed and promoted in a manner ensuring ecological security for all round sustainable development of the State and well-being of its people.
  • Bamboo is an essential component of forest eco-system, which is a dominant feature of state's landscape. Traditional living and lifestyle of Mizo society, to a large extent, is dependent on bamboo for its variety of uses and bamboo has much to offer by way of contributing to socio-economic advancement of modern Mizo society. The ecofriendly Bamboo crop has immense potential in improving rural economy, industrial development and a sound economic base for the state on sustained basis. Thus, there is a need to promote bamboo development for the benefit, growth and development of the people of Mizoram.

Our Mission

     Development of bamboo based industries in the state for the benefit, growth and development of the people on sustained basis.


  • Promotion of bamboo based industries at cottage level, small scale, medium and large scale for utilizing the available resources at a sustainable level for generating assured income.
  • Revitalization and promotion of local traditional bamboo craft and art with improved technology, design and market linked trade for value added items for export through industrialized mode of production.
  • Promotion of bamboo as an essential wood substitute by increasing bamboo production. Promotion of entreprises manufacturing bamboo based products and wood substitutes thereby reducing pressure on wrests and reducing wood deficiency in the State.
  • Promotion of awareness and understanding of bamboo as "Green Gold" among farmers, traders, industrialists in the State with a view to utilizing its full potential and to galvanise the rural and industrial sector in the State.
  • Effective exploitation of the economic potential of bamboo in the State.
  • Entrepreneurship development through several means such as training, awareness campaign, workshop, seminar, exposure tour etc. in the bamboo sector.
  • Marketing of bamboo products outside the State.
  • Research support for bamboo sector to improve quality, enhance productivity and value of products, cost reduction, management etc.